pretty girls in corsets: laced tight

Saturday, December 11, 2004

So what would a corset look like under an outfit. Take a look at this Parisienne circa 1950 in Dior's "New Look". Of course you actually have to have your clothes made or altered to have this effect....but what price beauty? Posted by Hello

For corset purists this lovely shot of a pretty corset is ideal. At a guess, even with the compression of her hips by the corset, this girl has achieved a hip spring - the difference between waist and hip measurement - of at least four and likely five inches...striking! Posted by Hello

A very merry widow...All too often merry widow styled outfits are really just basques with little or no actual support or waist trimming. Not this on. The great "v" shape of the boning and the cup support at the top of the front side bone will firm and flatter a girl no matter whose funeral she's at... Posted by Hello

Friday, December 10, 2004

Waist Cincher!

waist cincher
What fun! here is the classic waist cincher with a matched matching bra and pretty full fashioned stockings. My sense is this is a very good amateur photograph. She's been laced wonderfully tight as the little bulge of skin between bra and corset attests...

Lollipop Lima

Adrianna Lima, white leather corset
Now what's this about??Adrianna Lima in a white leather corset, little girl knee socks and very grown up shoes. It is the sort of outfit which is probably illegal in several states. But a great example of high fashion's devotion to the corset as outerwear.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Lacing Lush in a Red Satin Corset

red satin corset, big breasts
One of the most wonderful things about corsets is that they flatter every sort of figure. This girl is, shall we say, ample. But her red satin corset defines her waist and sets off her breasts and hips. Every inch of her torso is lifted and presented beautifully.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

50's Corset Kittens

I love the fifties and the way that corsets were forced underground.These girls are in a photograph, likely by Irving Klaw, which was sold under the counter. The girl in white is cinched very well indeed...
50's sex kittens
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Laced tight in a Black Corset

Here is a slightly cheesy shot of a pretty bottle blonde in a cute underbust black corset. You can tell it is laced tight simply by the delightful shape of her waist. Lovely front closing bra and nice black panties. A girl should never ignore the rest of her lingerie....
black underbust corset
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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Lacing Yourself into a Corset

white waist cincher
A curious girl wrote to ask me how I managed to lace myself into a corset...Well, this is step one, and you do the same with the top laces...and then you make sure you have a sturdy hook mounted at waist level in your boudoir. Cross the laces as if you were going to tie a bow, hook up, lean forward, take up the slack....rinse, repeat.... white corset, white panties

Gothic Girl Corset

black satin corset, black stockings
While I would not want to be a goth girl myself I love what they do with corsets, black lace, stockings and the idea of makeup and hair as artistic statement. This girl would be beautiful as a debutante; but she is gorgeous in her black as midnight satin over bust corset... black lace panties

Monday, December 06, 2004

A Suitable Corset

corset under suit
A couple of my commenters have asked me what a corset looks like under a suit....Well, if you are Dita von Teese and have been sewn into a perfect 40's suit it looks like this; but, for the real world...I can't seem to find any shots of women in suits and corsets....But I do have a couple of suits and several corsets and a digital camera....Hmmmm.

A simple white underbust corset worn over a pretty yellow lace camisole. This is Aurelie Claudel modeling for Chloe and putting on the perfect bit of model snark. Not too tightly would be more striking about three inches tighter...

Sunday, December 05, 2004

This is a shot photographers love to take: the girl beautifully laced fixing her hair to show the corset off. And what a corset. Black satin, over hip and bust with wonderful lace edging at the thigh. What baffles me though is the black band at the waist. I thought laces but the picture is too blurred to be sure...