pretty girls in corsets: laced tight

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Fashion Girl

high fashion corset
Amazing...This is a crossover to high fashion but the boning and the lacing reflect the outfit's origin in corsetry. Very beautiful, very expensive...not entirely practical.
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Friday, December 03, 2004

Tight Bottom

black corset
No, this girl has not got her corset on wrong, a bit low perhaps...Corsets can be used to control hips and bottom although it is more common to use a good girdle for a girl's bum. However, laced down tightly this corset would give the girl a very boyish bottom in a pencil skirt...though sitting down might pose challenges.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Bridal Lacing

wedding corset
If there is one day in a girl's life where she will be tempted to wear a corset it's her wedding day. This lovely picture has the maid of honour - in a perfectly wonderful, full over hip Titanic style corset - lacing the bride into her rather lighter corset. She would have a lot more success if the bride's corset had been laced properly in the first place. The lacing should be tightened near the middle of the corset....

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

My Corset Laces

my corset
Here is a shot of the lacing. I have not got ribbon for this corset yet...After wearing the corset an hour I usually relace and take the gap down another inch and a half. But you can see how the hip spring works and how flattering a corset really is...The slip, for those of you into lingerie is Cosabella and was the princely gift of a delightful man named Dan.

My little waist cincher

vollers, waist cincher
As promised, here is my little white Vollers waist cincher which I wear pretty much daily...And yes, I would dearly like to have one in black. I don't lace tight during the day and after a summer of very loose stays I fear I can only take my waist in two inches for the day...For evening I like to be able to lace down four to six inches and Christmas parties are coming....

Black Corset, Outerwear

black corset
If a girl wants to have a little fun she can wear a pretty corset like this one as outerwear. It helps to have ribbon lacing and to make neat knots. It is just amazing the looks you get....especially from other women. I have actually been stopped in the street, sometimes by women outraged that I was wearing a corset, more often by girls wanting to know where they can get one....

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Old Corsets for Modern Girls

corset, antique corset
Here is a modern girl in an antique corset. The detail and the form hugging steels suggest the corset was made at the turn of the century when women really knew what they wanted their shape to be. The girl's lingerie is period too. For comfort a corset needs to be worn over something like this chemise. Otherwise, tightlacing will rub your skin in places you can't imagine.... corset

White Corset, Dark Night

1950's corset
Black and white. This is, in many ways, the perfect corset shot. The white over hip, underbust, corset has been cinched tight on this 40's gal. You can see how not only her waist, but her hips are defined and controlled. Pretty opera gloves too! corset girl

Monday, November 29, 2004

Corset Mistress

corset dominatrix
Some arch feminists suggest that corsets are somehow oppressive...constricting sure, but oppressive? I never feel more feminine or more powerful than when I am tightly laced under a pretty dress or a serious suit...Of course, when power exchange is your business, a corset may be your suit, as Ilsa the professional dominatrix proves in this shot. Posted corset girls

Sabrina's Corset

Sabrina, corset
Back in the 1950's an English girl named Sabrina decided to make the most of her assets. Of course, part of making your breast look bigger, in the days before instant augmentation, was to make your waist look tiny. Sabrina is wearing a beautifully made - I suspect custom made - corset laced just as tight as it will go. You can see the effect up top.... Posted by tightlaced girls

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Kurkova corseted for Pirelli Calender

Kurkova, corset, Pirelli, calender girl
Miss Kurkova is wearing a corset for a Pirelli calendar shoot. I like the ruffles sewn onto the hem of the corset...which I bet you were paying no attention to at all.... Posted by Kurkova

Tight Black Corset, Gold Silk Chemise

black corset, chemise
Not that this girl really needs a corset...One of the keys to comfort when you are laced in is to wear really pretty, silky, lingerie under the corset. This girl seems to have on a golden silk chemise...good choice! Posted by tight laced babe